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Default Debian Apache Server - Proxy Issues?

I configured an Apache web server (using ISPConfig... best control panel ever!!) for use behind my company's firewall which uses a proxy server for HTTP, FTP, etc.

I configured this box at home using a private IP address (192.168.x.x) and then had to change it to its new IP throughout (based on info from this site) the server. I mention this in case this is where the trouble lies. I changed the IP at home and using PuTTY from a client on my network, after I changed the client's IP to access the server, I was able to hit the server without issue.

Now that I've hung the server on my company's network (which spans globally using Class A addresses), I cannot PuTTY in from any client on the network (in the same building of course) nor can I ping in or out from the server.

I changed the DNS entries in /etc/resolv.conf to match nameservers used on the network but still cannot reach any public or private sites/IPs.

Again, my company uses a proxy server. I don't know where to plug in HTTP proxy settings. Could this be my issue?

There are two websites residing on the server with DNS entries on corporate nameservers, though BIND is actively running on the server. Could this be an issue?

I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks VERY much in advance.
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