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Thumbs up ALL Recycle Bins Were Emptied

Thanks for the reply Falko...

Yeah I went through virtually each and every 'Recycle Bin' found in ISPConfig- Management, ISP Manager, DNS Manager, ISP Invoice!

Everything was empty, ISPConfig 3.2.3 would not allow re-addition of once deleted domains.
Maybe a bug of 3.2.3 maybe also 2.2.16????

At either rate I had found that I screwed up bad by installing 3.2.3 BETA [UNSTABLE] onto what is to be a production machine!

So last night I ran the uninstall program of 3.2.3 and then re-installed 2.2.16. Not sure if that fixes any issues with re-adding once deleted domains but it is the stable version of ISPConfig

I don't want to experiment with trying to delete and add a domain at this point but if I run up against this issue again with this version I will assume it to be a bug, I see no other possiblities.

I have managed to get my server to come Online and the domain is available.

I just can't figure out why '' is un-pingable.

Made sure to set '' as a Co-domain using the following values:
Any input would be greatly appreciated Falko

Thank you


Thank you Falko
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