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Originally Posted by falko
That's why realpath() fails: the directories can't be read by anyone else than root and named because of the permissions. If you changed the directories' permissions so that they can be read by anyone then realpath() would work.
This is not a good idea if sensitive data is stored in the zone file directory, such as DNSSEC information. I would either recommend that the realpath() function be run as a privileged user by ISPConfig or, if the realpath() function fails due to privilege problems, the path entered by the user is preserved as is.

I can't find any error handler in the ISPConfig code that checks for sane return values from the realpath() function. Since the function returns an empty value on error it might be prudent to check for empty return values before inserting them into the SQL database.

Originally Posted by falko
That's what I describe in the Fedora tutorials ( and ):

Fedora and CentOS are very similar.
Thanks for pointing it out. I read through several of the guides before installing ISPConfig but I must have missed that specific detail.
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