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Default Accessing web site by its ip address

Please kindly help with this matter. Is it possible to access a web site in browser by its ip address if I have several web sites at this ip address?

For example, I have several web sites at this ip,, etc

If I just type ispconfig of course displays a shared ip message

Can I access, say, without actually typing

I need this for two following reasons.
1) sometimes a client wants to set up and actually see his site before a new dns entry fully propagates
2) say there's a working site somethere, and its owner asks our web studio to redesign this site, and once it's finished, change the dns records of to point to our server. obviously the easiest way is to set up at our ispconfig server at once (so we won't have to move this site later), do the redesign work and when it's over just ask the client to change the dns records. but of course during this period the client would want to see how the work is progressing and so this site must somehow be accessible.

Looking forward to your replies!
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