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Ok, done this is the result:

---------------------------- Scan results ----------------------------

MD5 compared: 0
Incorrect MD5 checksums: 0

File scan
Scanned files: 342
Possible infected files: 0

Application scan
Vulnerable applications: 1 (the only warning it gave me is that root still can log on over ssh.... but thats how I wanted it for setting things up, will change later when machine is running like I want...)

Scanning took 78 seconds

So practically everything came out with 'OK' and 'clean', so apparently the problem is not in this...

(Would wonder me as there is NO third party app (PHPs in Webs or so..) on the server until now, just 'Perfect-Debian-Setup' and ISPConfig....

FTP AND DNS Server are switched OFF on this machine, and the ISPConfig stats claims the 86 GIG went through WEB transfer only!!!!

Thanks anyway...

Oh, just found another possibility for Error:
The incoming traffic that my Provider gives me is wrong, as I for sure uploaded a 1 Gig testfile to that web and they claim there was only 313MB incoming... Furthermore they told me something like: 'Traffic is counted as soon as a connection/transfer is closed' - so that would mean my Machine should still have somthing like 80 connections opened that still didn't finished transferring the 1Gig file?? Naah... We had for testing purposes something around 20 ppl trying to dl that file... When I dig deeper into the stats of the web, it came out that ONE SINGLE IP produced >40GIG alone downloading the testfile... In the end all testers confirmed they downloaded the file only once, although some had to try several times to get it completely, but 40 times??? Naaa, I still believe someones counting is weird here...

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