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Originally Posted by till
You mix up different things, dns records for domains and reverse records for IP addresses are different! You can never setup a reverse record for a IP yourself in your own dns server, as the reverse records are always handled by the company that assigned you the IP address.

So please do what falko suggested and ask the company that assigned you the IP address to set a reverse record for the IP that points to the domain name of your server.
I realize that, I thought it would be a good idea to straighten out the DNS first.

There are multiple IPs on the server and multiple domains on the server. is is with a subdomain is

I still have .21 and .22 addresses open for future use

So I am asking the company that assigned them (gigenet) for the following:
I need PTR records for: as as as
I realize I'm chasing down multiple issues, it's hope it's morally rewarding helping people like me
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