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Default MyDNS (Master) -> Bind (Slave) Support

Not content with running a second MyDNS slave through MySQL replication I set about getting xfers working with Bind. Not too difficult but I wanted a way so that if a new domain is added to MyDNS, the named.conf was updated with the new zones or indeed removed. So far I have created an add domain frontend that adds a new record in MyDNS and goes through a standard templete. From there it updates a date with the following structure:

NS0 | NS1 | NS2

On this example there is 3 Bind slaves. I have written a script in Perl that runs every 5 minutes a checks this additional table created and regrabs all the zones and writes the config when an update is required but I was wondering if we could possibly build in support for this in MyDNS and bundle the Perl script with MyDNSconfig for users who want to run Bind as slaves to a MyDNS master. It would be as simply as add new domain or remove old domain changes these table values for the Perl script to come along and redo the configs and perform an "rndc reload" on the slave but I thought it was worth asking.

What does anyone think?
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