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Default Running ISPConfig on a vserver?


I am considering installing ISPConfig on a vserver. Before I actually do so, I would like to ask here if that is possible at all? I know there are some limitations (not too sure which exactly though) when using a vserver, especially concerning kernel-related stuff.

Let's have a closer look at the system requirements of ISPConfig:

Apache Webserver version 1.3.12 or later / 2.0.40 or later
Sendmail or Postfix
ProFTP as standalone version or vsftpd as inetd/xinetd/standalone version
PHP 4.0.5 or newer as Apache module
MySQL data base
a POP3/IMAP daemon that supports either the traditional Unix-Mailbox format (e.g.
gnu-pop3d, qpopper, ipop3d, popa3d or vm-pop3d) or the Maildir format (e.g.
OpenSSL and mod_ssl for the creation of SSL virtual hosts
I think that these applications shouldn't be a problem. With the exception of procmail I've already used each of the above mentioned apps.

I read that I would have to compile bind with --disable-linux-caps to make it work on a vserver. Apart from that I guess it'll work.

Quota Package
I have no clue about this one. Could there be any problems with it? I have asked a rather generic question in the official vserver irc channel about quota support in a vserver and this is what I got:
per context quota on a shared partition is not implemented on the 2.6/vs2.0 version yet
quota inside a guest on a separate partition (e.g. lvm, evms, loop) works fine
To be honest, I cannot make much of it. Maybe you could explain what exactly ISPConfig needs quota to do, so that I can go back to the vserver folks to ask them about it.

iptables or ipchains
iptables/ipchains don't work properly. For example, a simple iptables -L produces this error message:

modprobe: Can't open dependencies file /lib/modules/2.4.31/modules.dep (No such file or directory)
iptables v1.2.11: can't initialize iptables table `filter': Permission denied (you must be root)
Perhaps iptables or your kernel needs to be upgraded.
I believe this is a vserver limitation and there is nothing I can do about it.

On the other hand I have full access to eth0 of the host system which probably means that anything related to ISPConfig doing traffic statistics wouldn't work properly, would it?

Overall, do you think ISPConfig will work on a vserver?

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