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Default squid problem on RHEL Release 5

hi all

i have installed RHEL Release 5. when i configure the squid 2.6 on it as well as my requirement is that
1- configure individual cache on /cache (which has isolated mount point)
mean to say.
# cache_dir /var/spool/squid 100 16 256
cache_dir /cache 10000 16 256

2- squid configure on port 80 (listening port 80 either 3128)

but when i try to start the service of squid
i got a error page
cache_dir permission deny
squid cant listen port 80

note; i can change ownership of /cache directory from root to squid
also crating swap directories by squid -z

but again i can start the service of squid
i got the same error

plz help me for both cases.
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