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What I am not seeing so far is where the mail user info gets written to /etc/passwd.
Have a look at the user_insert and user_update functions in /root/ispconfig/scripts/lib/classes/config.lib.php

My purpose for this is to troubleshoot the Remote Framework. As I posted last week, I can view records using the Framework but I am not able to add clients, webs, or users. I'd like to figure out why, and possibly even figure out a way to perform these actions by doing direct manipulation of the MySQL databases, just as user_add does, then call the required functions to get the new data flushed to the appropriate disk files.
To debug this, you dont have to look at any files in /root/ispconfig. Just look at the files in /home/admispconfig/lib/classes/, especially ispconfig_web.lib.php and ispconfig_isp_user.lib.php which is the action class called by ispconfig_web.lib.php when a user is inserted.
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