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Default how to start apache2 on Heart beat

Iam a newbie here and also newbie in HA, ive configured two clusters with
crm can some 1 plz elaborate specifically that wat should i do for
starting of apache2 from HA (HA two clusters are up and monitor is showing
but monitor shows 0 resource configured)
iam using debian etch
and apache2
and heartbeat 2.1.2

my looks like
#logfacility daemon
debugfile /var/log/ha-debug
logfile /var/log/ha-log
logfacility daemon
keepalive 1
deadtime 10
warntime 5
initdead 120 # depend on your hardware
udpport 694
bcast br0
#bcast eth1
auto_failback off
node iksws115
node nccpl-server
use_logd yes
compression bz2
compression_threshold 2
crm yes
respawn hacluster /usr/lib/heartbeat/ipfail
apiauth ipfail gid=haclient uid=hacluster

my authkeys looks like (with permission 600)
auth 1
1 sha1 PutYourSuperSecretKeyHere

my haresources looks like
iksws115 apache2

my crm_mon -i5 outputs

Last updated: Fri Aug 24 12:23:07 2007
Current DC: iksws115 (0debf1de-2c2e-455f-aed4-379413ee0439)
2 Nodes configured.
0 Resources configured.

Node: iksws115 (0debf1de-2c2e-455f-aed4-379413ee0439): online
Node: nccpl-server (e2039328-7ddf-40b2-88c7-92bbe3cd7036): online

please help me ASAP cz iam only stuck cz of this

thnx in advance

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