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Default User Add/Delete and FTP login problem.

I setup a client, and a client website. An Admin for the client and an admin user for the site. I have been unable to connect to any of the user name / password combinations I entered for the client / site to use FTP to add content to the site. I am able to connect with the Web_FTP function, but it only allows a single file transfer at a time and most websited are actually made with more that one file. File by file transfer is tedious.

I've been using both command line ftp and Firefox/FireFTP for testing.


I misspelled the website Admin user when I entered the name, so I used the delete function. That user no longer shows up in the list in ISPConfig, but when I try to re-add the Site Admin with the correct spelling ISPConfig tells me that the email address is already used by another user. and won't let me add it.

When I look at the password list outside of ISPConfig it appears that the user that I deleted inside of ISPConfig, and that no longer shows up inside of ISPConfig, does in fact still exist on the machine. So for user management, how am I supposed to handle this? Apparently ISPConfig didn't really delete the user when I used it's delete function.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks, Cla.
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