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I have a server that is colocated, it's not on dynamic dns or at home. The colo facility gave me block of IPs:
xx.xx.xx.16 Subnet Address
xx.xx.xx.17 Router Address (as given by Colo)
xx.xx.xx.18 ISPConfig Install Address (
xx.xx.xx.21 not used
xx.xx.xx.22 not used
xx.xx.xx.23 Broadcast Address

So, .18:81 is running the ISPConfig interface with no problem.

.19 is running dancingmokey, no problem
.20 is running phoebesfriends, no problem

I try to setup another site (as has been suggested on this forum) for the subdomain and I get a "" is already in use by another domain. Is this because I had at first set it up under the site and then removed it? ISPConfig shows no entries at all for and the DNS service has no entry for either, but when I do a lookup on it, it comes back as the .19 address. Oddly, the resolves to .19 as well.

Here are the only entries I have for my dns. I use
DNS Management help MX A
Shoul I be adding CNAME or something else?

As far as the relay thing goes, I have no idea what to do. Email works just fine unless I'm replying to the "contact us" form, etc.
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