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Originally Posted by till
This has nothing to do with a DOS. Just do not create manual entries, that is a prerequisite if yo want to use ISPConfig.

ISPConfig is no config file editor, it is a controlpanel that that must have 100% control over the config file of the services it configures.
In a project I'm working on, it uses a config parser to try to assimulate what a user has changed. It has thus far been such a pain in the rear as to drive me to moving all config to a database, where things can be done more logically. I agree that you either need to give ISPConfig control of the file, or you may was well edit everything manually, as there are better features to focus on then dealing with the complex task of trying to parse bind configs.

This is one of the reasons I'm considering hacking ISPConfig to use MyDNS rather then bind. Overall it is faster, and the only thing that needs recursive lookups is localhost, so it's a good fit. It's far easier to DOS a recursive server then a non-recursive server, IMHO.
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