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Originally Posted by mlz
While what you have looks great, I've decided to use system imager and backup my servers (yes plural, only one web right now, but multiple stream servers). SI makes a fairly complete backup, and I provided the live disk to my colo operator. For remote it makes it easy, since if there were a need to reload, the system will contact my office and pull the server back up.

The nice part about it, I do a backup every 4 hours once the initial image is made, and we're considering doing it every hour. Not to mention, that if I should hose part of a system, I can use FTP and restore the old files in a heartbeat.

Big thanks to Falko for the idea, although I didn't use his howto (I really didn't need to, it's really well documented already) as I stubbornly refuse to use a deb system.

I get a lot of security warnings when installing systemimager. Also, systemimager has a number of quirks so I'd rather not go there. If I'm able to get my production environment into a virtual environment, I have a script that would shutdown the virtual server, copy all related files & start server up again. For me, this is as good as it gets.
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