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Originally Posted by till
A master-master replication between two ISPConfig configurations can never work, as the second server will not know which config files will be updated as the configuration daemon on the primary server resets the status when he is finished.

The esaiest solution to synchronize two servers with ISPConfig 2 is to synchronize the bind config files with rsync.

ISPConfig 3 will support multi server setups where you may have multiple dns, mail, web and database servers incl. replication from one interface, but ISPConfig 2 is build to be used on single servers, thats why it is not so easy to replicate the data.
Ok, how about this method: I'm thinking we could use ge as the live machine; users would use ge for mail, admins would log in to ge, etc. Ga would then be a hot backup machine. An rsync script could keep the named zone record files current, with reloads performed when changes are actually detected/transferred. Our Cisco GSS could most likely be configured to take care of the actual failover.

And as a related issue, when ISPConfig 3 is available, do you expect it will be possible to upgrade from version 2, as opposed to a clean install with mysqldumps, etc?
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