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Output of: postconf -d | grep -i "mailbox_command"

mailbox_command =
mailbox_command_maps =

Let's see.... Hmm... I have courier-pop and courier-imap installed, it looks like. In addition to the "mailbox_command =", I also have a "home_mailbox = Maildir/" definition in my file.

Would the firewall definitions for port 993 and port 995, for courier, have automatically been picked up by the ISPConfig install, as well? Checking the firewall settings in ISPConfig, I don't have any firewall provisions allowing for port 993 and port 995 connections.

I have checked the "Maildir" box in the "mail" config screen of ISPConfig.

I just finished this install a little while, ago and haven't had a chance to email test it, yet. I hope to do that shortly, here. Once tested, I'll post any mail.lob errors/questions, back here.

... in advance, thanks.

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