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Default procmail supposed to be in

Is procmail supposed to be picked up by the postfix installs, following The Perfect Setup (on debian sarge 3.1 net install) in defining the "mailbox_command =" into Postfix's I notice from the view window of the tutorial that "mailbox_command" in the looks like this "mailbox_command = procmail -a "$EXTENSION". Yet, once I'm done with the Perfect Setup on postfix, mine mailbox_command is not set to that.

Is this a manual setting which I should make for the Perfect Setup to prep for ISPConfig installation, on the mailbox_command variable, or have I done something wrong with the installs on Perfect Setup. Or, do I have to do something more elaborate installing/defining procmail recpies as they would be picked up for insertion into this Postfix install?

Is this just a tutorial omission where defining the "mailbox_command" wasn't/hasn't been provided for in the instructions?

After a full clean 2nd install of debian, and ISPConfig on The Perfect Setup, following everything to the letter, I notice where my 2nd install doesn't produce the necessary definition of this mailbox_command, again.

From my first install, and noticing this omission, I could send email's from the webmail interface all day long, but any emails being sent to a ISPConfig user would be delivered, but go to never-never land.

... and suggestions, or corrections, with this "mailbox_command" definition in Postfix's would be greatly appreciated.

Do I have to reinstall debian, and/or ISPConfig again?

... in advance, thanks.

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