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Question Daily Quota Reports

Refering to the "Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier And MySQL (Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft)" Howto and the Daily Quota Reports feature...

I receive those at about 12:00 at night. Do they represent each mailboxe's current size % or are they daily mail volume for each user or maybe maximum quota reached for the day period? My quess is that it is the first.

What I mean is, does this script simply check the maildir size for each account each night at 12:00 and sends out a report? Or does it keep a record of the mail during the day and purges stats at 12:00 once it has sent the report.

The reason why I am asking is... well consider the following senario:

- User has a 100MB mailbox limit.
- User receives more than that during the day.
- If I got this right, the account stops receiving mail till some of the current mail is downloaded to a mail client and removed from the server thus creating free space.
- Some more mail comes in once space is created, reaching 5% of the mailbox limit.
- User has not checked the new mail till 12:00.
- Script runs and reports 5% usage.
- Admin has no clue that the account has reached its limit during the day.

So, if I really got this right. Is there a way to also include a maximum quota reached each day in these reports? If this is what it is I get, please ignore this thread.
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