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Default Accessing clients web without domain

Hi there,

I searched some time but didn't find anything about it.

Is it possible to access a clients web without a domain connected to it?

Before we transfer a clients domain to the new host, we want to make sure that their web is running with the uploaded CMS (in this case typo3).
So the clients domain (e.g www.client.tld) is pointing to the old host at the moment.
How can we access the clients webpage at the new host (running with ISPConfig)?

We tried to use Subdomains of our domain (like http://client.ourcompany.tld) but we can only bind them to one user only.
(so this works for example for client1 (http://client1.ourcompany.tld as co-domain) but if we try to add http://client2.ourcompany.tld to another clients site, there is an error ("The Domain belongs to another client.")

So is their any way to access the sites of clients without domains and without manually changing apaches vhosts?

(e.g. in confixx its possible to access them via http://webXXX.isphost.tld)
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