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Red face Pure-FTPD, MySQL "Error 421 Can't connect. Service not available, etc...

I realize that this thread is for ProFTP and I don't mean to start anything by adding to it, but as a complete newbie to Fedora 7 I ran into a similar error message and searched the internet high and low for a solution and didn't find the one I needed (probably because it should be obvious), but since I spent numerous looking for why I was getting error 421 when I logged in I hope that this warning will help others avoid a DOH moment...

When you turn on the feature of Pure-FTP to bind users to the home directory of the mapped FTPDUSER, it will not auto-create a folder outside of the "home" directory nor will it autocreate anything until you actually include the user name in the path of every* virtual user's directory (Oy).

So, if you are new, a bit slow on the uptake or just plain in too big of a hurry to pay attention and you are getting an error 421 stating that the service has stopped and the login failed, check your home directory paths that user name MUST be in there somewhere.
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