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Ok well i'm not so sure how to check if it's running since there is no dcc process and I will haven't researched it enough but basically I think what you need to do i touch it:
touch /var/run/dcc/
This will create the empty file, the I would make sure the ownership is correct:
chown root:dcc /var/run/dcc/
Now it would seem as though the problem is this file is not being created when it needs to we should add something to make it created when you first start up. I am quite sure the file we need is rc.local, if you can't find it thats ok just create it, i'm quite sure the system will execute any commands within this file when you start up.

vim* /etc/rc.local

and then add in those two commands to the file.

* Use a different editor if you wish.

Hope that makes sense, thanks.
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