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Which three things do you mean? ... Installing those packages should fix your pid problem.
If you take a look at my previous post I tried runing apt-get install razor pyzor dcc-client and it replied that they are already installed and newest version as well.

I see what you mean now about "three things", the three things not upgraded? It could just be coincidental that you installed three things and there are three that are out of date. Just run apt-get update see what that says. At least then you should know which packages it's talking about.
No, no... these three:

make sure the service is running
1. which service? how? using what command?

try touching the file it's looking for
2. How do I "touch" it??

touch the file on startup by adding it to one of the /etc/rc...something files
3. I know you said you'll have to look this one up and find which /etc/rc file it needs to be placed in. So I'll just wait for this one.
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