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Well I grepped my mail logs for "dcc" and all I saw was something about a report of rejected messages, so I guess you probably are in the right direction. If it's as simple as a missing pid file, make sure the service is running, if its not try manually starting it, if the missing pid file seems to be a critical (fatal) error then try touching the file it's looking for and try again. If that works, then you can tell it to touch the file on startup by adding it to one of the /etc/rc...something files...i'll have to check which one..../etc/rc.local I think? Also better add a chown command to make sure it's owned by root:dcc. I've never heard of this system but it looks like it is on my system too guess it installs with something else or I just can't remember it. I'll have to look into it some more later.

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