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Default problem solved

Originally Posted by mystix
I have installed my server following the 'Perfect setup Debian Sarge' howto.
Since september I had no problems, but since yesterday evening I have a problem with postfix. I didn't made any changes in the server config the last days.

The problem is, i can't send or receive emails anymore.

I got the folling warnings in the logfiles:

Ok I've found the problem.

A user has added a codomain 'localhost.http://subdomain.usersdomain.tld' via ispconfig
Don't ask me why he did this ;-)

I've found the 'localhost.http://subdomain.usersdomain.tld' in the /etc/postfix/local-domain-names and this caused the error.

Maybe there is a way to avoid users to insert such things in the codomain form.

I gave the user three days to learn the usermanual by heard

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