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Default cannot access ispconfig web interface

So heres were i am, ive set up a functioning feisty fawn box according to this guide
and i then installed ispconfig according to this
it all works fine, but i did this on my LAN and the ip the server got was I then moved this server to another ip address, but it to had another router and i made sure it kept the same LAN ip of I then went into ispconfig and under server settings changed the host and domain to Now for some reason i cant access the web interface of ispconfig outside of the LAN, i try, and even the IP address and it still doesn't let me in. What it does end up doing is i get a error message saying. " has sent an incorrect or unexpected message. error code -12263" but if i try changing the adress to http, instead of https, i get a directory listing "Index of /" so i know somethings there. Anyway any help would be appreciated on how i can access ispconfig from outside the LAN.
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