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Default CacheALL email problem no.2

hi there,

Problem :

1/ I have domain like ""
2/ I set as a CatchALL email for domain "", no other mail accounts exists at all
3/ when i log to my gmail account and i send email to : and CC(copy) to
4/ I receive mail twice (in

first email :
from to and CC to
second email :
from to and CC to

5/ One of my clients have own exchange server and it will download or catche these emails (by some "Email POP Connector") from to its own internal mail server , and then resend this EMAILs to local accounts.
6/ Problem is that when it downloads 2 emails (with two addresses in each email - TO and CC) so every account : will receive 2 same mails
and will receive 2 same mails also !

My client told me that provider that they used before have email basket like catcheALL email in ISPConfig and it was kind different.Like this :

email basket before received only one email from with address to and CC to and then theirs own exchange server resended only ONE emai to each account

Problem 2 :

1/ My problem is to solve that i get mail twice because when i resend that mails to local exchange mail server in some company, mail server in that company will recognize 2 mails and every user (user "x" and also user "y")
will get that mail twice .

Questions :

1/ Why i get that mail twice ?
2/ Is it a kind of bug in ISPConfig ?
3/ Some real solution how to solve ?

btw sorry for my english

thanks for any help
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