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You got me on this one.

You have added to the PC's hosts file (the one that you are using to access ISPconfig with)
Code:   xyanide.exs   www.xyanide.exs
When you try http://www.xyanide.exs or http://xyanide.exs , you are seeing the xyanide.exs site okay.

When you try to access the users page (with http://www.xyanide.exs/~web3_xyanide ) you get a page not found (404)

Maybe try adding /index.html or /index.htm, and see if this helps?

You should see (if you did not delete the user/web3_xyanide/web directory):
Welcome to your website!


This is the default index page for user web3_xyanide. This file may be deleted or overwritten without any difficulty. This is produced by the file index.html in the directory user/web3_xyanide/web.
For questions or problems please contact the server administrator
I do not have a server on my LAN, so I can not test this, but theoratically the setup should work (I can not test it)

Maybe someother ISPconfig usere here can give it a test run?
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