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Default Problem with install PostFix - Pls Help!

Hi All,

I am using the following how-to to install postfix:

I am running into this error and not sure why. On step 3 below:

3 Apply The Quota Patch To Postfix

cd /usr/src
apt-get source postfix

I get this error after running "apt-get source postfix" commad:

root@mx1:/usr/src# apt-get source postfix
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
E: Unable to find a source package for postfix

I ran all previous commands o.k... However, I noticed I was getting the following error messages below when I ran the apt-get install in the first step to download files... The errors was related to connection time out as shown below
Failed to fetch Connection timed out [IP: 80]

Err etch/main python2.4 2.4.4-3
Err etch/main libmysqlclient15-dev 5.0.32-7etch1
Err etch/main libssl-dev 0.9.8c-4
Err etch/main libdb4.3-dev 4.3.29-8

I went back and apt-get install for each above files and it ran fine and continued with install....

Would appreciate any help/suggestions to fixing problem.

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