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okay i got it showing in my list on my windows client when i subscribe now..

did a ..
chown -cR vmail:vmail /home/Public_Folder
chmod 2777 -cR /home/Public_Folder

but problem now is when i use Outlook Express and subscribe i get the structure

Public_Folder (none editable) > public (non editable) > public (editable)

anyone know if this is normal or there a way to get it to this structure?

Public_Folder (none editable) > public (editable)


maybe if i can get the acl's working right i can restructure it.

authenumerate -s
prints 5000 5000 /home/vmail

maildiracl -set /home/Public_Folder INBOX.Public_Folder.public anyone cleirtx
maildiracl -list Public_Folder INBOX.Public_Folder.public

owner aceilrstwx
administrators aceilrstwx
anyone ceilrtx


but in Outlook when trying to create a folder in the first instance of Public_Folders says

Unable to create the folder. The server responded: 'Access denied for CREATE on Public_Folder.public.newfoldername (ACL "c" required)'.

is there a special group that i would need to add for the ACL?

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