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Question Remoting on 2.3.1-dev: Is there a command to empty Recycle Bin?

Hi All,

I'm using ISPconfig 2.3.1-dev on Fedora Core 5 on a test server.

I've been experimenting with Remoting, using the various functions to add websites and DNS records.

I wrote a PERL script that uses SOAP::Lite to automatically add websites and DNS records.

After that I wanted to delete websites and DNS records with Remoting, so I wrote another PERL script to remove DNS and Website records.

I was able to delete *most* all of the website/user records successfully. Also, I was able to delete *most* all of the DNS records.

Upon inspecting each of my reseller's Recycle Bins after my script finished, I noticed there were some "left over" records that didn't delete even though my script sent the delete command.

A few users were left in the ISPmanagement panel, and in the DNS panel, many DNS "A" and "MX" records were left, but all had incomplete names: for example, all that was listed in the the recycle bin was: "mx" and "a" with no text indicating which website they belonged to.

I was able to clean up all these remaining records by manually emptying the recycle bin by clicking each reseller's recycle bin and then clicking "delete".

Is it possible to send a "empty recycle bin" command with Remoting, so that I don't have to do it manually after deleting webs and DNS records?

This might be more efficient than actually telling a script to delete each record one by one...

Thanks for any ideas!
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