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Default No reax, so question 2: is there a form mail for Postfix?

My ISP is 1&1 in Germany and they have strange habits. For example, I cannot get a PHP mail form script working. This is what 1&1 says about it: The only FormMail script you can use on the 1&1 servers is the NMS This can be downloaded from (See: As a matter of fact, works with Sendmail, not Postfix.

Nevertheless, on Fedora Core 6 I did get form mail working with a perl script that addresses Sendmail. The script was written by Kristina Pfaff-Harris and it can be found here:

For the Perfect Etch Setup on my Debian machine I installed Postfix instead of Sendmail. Kristina does not offer her script for Postfix.

My question: can anyone recommend a good Postfix mail form script?

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