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Default Building my own laptop

Hey guys, I've used you site for a while but never need to register. First thanks for everything. Gotten me through some tough times. Now...

I'm planning on building my own laptop. The dream is to find a cool laptop shell and fill it with all the coolest and most modern guts needed without breaking the bank.

It will be used for design and framework rather than gaming a social tool. I am planning on using Ubuntu or other Linux-based OS rather than MS.

I do have some experience with hardware but only on a PC level. I would love to find all the parts online and assemble in my office.

So my question is HOW? or more where?

Any links to sites where I can find assistance for doing this would appreciated. Also I would love to know where I can find a list of what I really need. I may be missing something from my lists.

Thanks again guys.
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