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Originally Posted by fvonpinho
1- So you don't think it has to do with the DNS? I edit the host.conf file to add and it works. The problem is that I can't do this with the windows machines that I have on the network, because many of them are laptops that need to access internet from other networks when people are travelling.
You could set up a BIND server with views inside your LAN:

Originally Posted by fvonpinho
2- I can receive email correctly now (still have the problem where I need to specify the IP if I am inside of my network and if I go outside of the network, I need to change it to the, but can't send email. I did a telnet on port 25 and sent an email through SMTP commands and it worked fine. This was inside my network. Now if I am outside the network, with my laptop, I cannot telnet to port 25 at all. Why is that? Router port is open and the linux firewall port is also open.
Please make sure that your ISP doesn't block port 25.
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