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Originally Posted by fvonpinho
1- My website is in this linux machine. People from outside my network can see the web site. I can see the website if I type localhost on the linux machine or the IP of that machine on any XP machine inside my network. But if I type in, it doesn't work. I am thinking it is related to the DNS server, so I created A records inside the DNS to point to the IP of that machine, but it still doesn't work. I am also thinking that if it is related to DNS, how am I going to specify DNS server for the machines that are connected wireless?
Sounds as if your router doesn't support loopbacks into your LAN...

Originally Posted by fvonpinho
2- What is the POP3 and SMTP server names? If I configure an email client to go to the IP of the machine with the POP3 installed, it works, but it won't work with any name.
You can use any IP address or FQDN that points to your server.
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