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Originally Posted by DiOmega
Is it the best way to copy the files and then to update ISPConfig or should i update first?
The order doesn't matter.

Originally Posted by DiOmega
On our old System the Webdirs are under /home/www, on the new System the default Path is /var/www. Is this automaticaly changed while update?
When you update ISPConfig, it always uses the old values to avoid problems.

Originally Posted by DiOmega
On Debian 3.1 is MySQL 4.1 on Debian 4.0 it is 5.0. Is it a good way to copy the Database files (/var/lib/mysql) and let MySQL do the updates
or should i dump all Databeses (quite a lot)?
I'd use SQL dumps, and if that doesn't work, you can copy the database files from /var/lib/mysql.

Originally Posted by DiOmega
You told how to configure the forwarding of the Mails while the DNS change. We have quite a lot Database driven Websites (even a lot of inserts). Is there a way to forward the Databasequeries or the whole HTTP-Traffic?
You can configure your web applications to use the new database server instead of localhost.
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