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Default Can't setup DNS server correctly?

I am new to linux. I have followed the HowTo Perfect Setup - OpenSuse 10.2, and everything looks like got installed right. Now, I have some questions about using the servers.

Before those questions, a little background of my setup:

I have a wireless router connected to the ISP through a fixed ip. After that, I have the linux machine (the one I used the HowTo on) that and many other XP machines. The Linux machine gets a fixed IP and I fowrded the ports on the router to this machine (80, 25, 110, 21, and 22). All XP machines are on DHCP and will authenticate on this linux machine using Samba. I installed ISPConfig, but didn't like it, so I did the Maildir code provided in the HowTo. I will then use Webmin. This linux machine is goingo to be my email, http, ftp and samba machine.

Here are the questions:

1- My website is in this linux machine. People from outside my network can see the web site. I can see the website if I type localhost on the linux machine or the IP of that machine on any XP machine inside my network. But if I type in, it doesn't work. I am thinking it is related to the DNS server, so I created A records inside the DNS to point to the IP of that machine, but it still doesn't work. I am also thinking that if it is related to DNS, how am I going to specify DNS server for the machines that are connected wireless?

2- What is the POP3 and SMTP server names? If I configure an email client to go to the IP of the machine with the POP3 installed, it works, but it won't work with any name.

3- I referred to Falko's posting on how to create email accounts. Is there another way to create an account, or do I always need to keep changing the virtusertable file?

The HowTos are great! Falko has done a great job.
Thank you very much!

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