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Originally Posted by falko
Can you restart Clamd? Do you get any error messages?
How foolish do I feel I restarted clamd.exim and you know what, it couldn't stop coz it wasn't running, Doh! But started ok.

My telnet test seemed to go thru without error, although not yet checked email, the main thing is it worked.

Originally Posted by falko
What's the output of
ls -l /var/run/clamd.exim/clamd.sock
Here is my result now:
ls -l /var/run/clamd.exim/clamd.sock
srwxrwxrwx 1 exim exim 0 2007-07-16 17:21 /var/run/clamd.exim/clamd.sock
I think I had got myself so wrapped up in it all that I probably was forgetting what I started and what I hadn't and forgetting changes I made etc.

Thanks very much Falko, you made me address the issue from a different stance, that I probably would not of thought of.... I better go and check the actual email now to see if it was scanned etc....
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