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Default well that answer confused me even more.

(1) The IP address of the server where the domain is residing.)

Do you mean the IP address of where the web site is residing (ie the different server ip? or the authoritative dns server ip responsible for the domain.

2) the primary and secondary nameserver of the domain.

? What are the primary and secondary name servers for a domain? is it the authoritative dns server? or the linux box?

A nameserver record is always a domain and never a IP.
i understand this.

If the server is not authoritive, then you can not add a primary record for the domain there. You must add a slave record instead.[/QUOTE]

I don't believe this is true. my fatpipe is the authoritative dns server for my domains. Every domain is configured as a slave on it. when a request for a record is processed fatpipe is sent to the linux box to find the record and every record the linux box are configured as master records.
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