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Default Newbie - Configuring Fedora 7 Web/Win Server

Hi All,

I apologise if this is an incredibly simple question, and I am happy to be pointed at any good tutorials or reference material to help me understand Fedora better. I have not worked much with Fedora, and I am still getting to understand alot of it's simple workings (I must say - "yum" is incredible! When will Micro$oft learn?)

Anyway, I have a server box which I am configuring for a mate. What we are trying to get out of it is the following:
  • Apache Webserver
  • MySQL Database Server
  • PostgreSQL Database Server
  • Printer Server (for Windows Clients)
  • Sharefolder (for Windows Clients)

At present, I am using the tutorial The Perfect Server (HowToForge) as a base for this build (I am of two minds whether to bother installing the mail server side of things), and I have heard "Samba" mentioned for the Windows client handling, but I am hoping for some direction on how to adapt the configuration detailed in the "Perfect Server" tutorial to my needs.

Any suggestions, referrals, etc. welcome.

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