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Default Outlook 2003 issue with courier-pop3

Hi folks.

One of my users is fetching a whole shitload (15 or 20) of POP3 eMail accounts using Outlook 2003 from my ISPconfig server (SuSE9.3, perfect setup).

This does not work as expected. The POP sessions behave erratically.
Most of them work, but some accounts seem to time out after a while, with a DISCONNECT. These accounts seem to be those with many mails in the Inbox.
Effectively these accounts cannot be downloaded, because on a retry, the download starts anew (the already downloaded messages were not erased), and then times out again.

I heard of an issue with early versions of Outlook 2003 and POP timeouts, but the Office 2003 version used has service pack 2 installed.

Anyone here that kknows about this issue? Is it a problem with my pop server config? Any help would be appreciated, as the user I speak about is my boss

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