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Default Public and private network + High Availability Apache Cluster


I have a question about the great HOW-TO article about setting up a high availability Apache cluster.

I am following this tutorial, but I am using Ubuntu 6.07 LTS Server instead of Debian Sarge. It has the necessary virtual server support in the kernel.

The tutorial sets up the cluster entirely on a local, publicly inaccessible network. I'm trying to put the load balancers on the public network, with "real" IPs.

What I am not clear on is exactly how the cluster servers should be networked, given that the load balancers need to be publicly accessible using a "real" IP address, while the cluster nodes themselves need to be on a local 192.168.0.XXX network.

I have my Internet connection going to a router, then to my two load balancers on eth0 (NIC 1)

Then, on eth1 (NIC 2) on each load balancer, I have network cables going to another router. Two Apache nodes are plugged in to that router.

Is this the proper physical network setup? The tutorial didn't cover this, and I haven't been able to find it spelled out on the Linux Virtual Server site either. If it isn't proper, can someone tell me the way to network the cluster using a real address and local network?
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