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Originally Posted by falko
Sometimes you have more than one IP address on a server. Let's say you have your server housed in some ISP's data center, and that ISP gives you 4 IP addresses instead of one, e.g. -, but your server does not have 4 network cards. Then you have to configure virtual interfaces (e.g. eth0:0 - eth0:2).
If you have only one IP address, then there's no use adding virtual interfaces.
Thanks, I had a chance to back up today and look at some "networking" articles and it said the same thing, you did say it better though. They just stated you did it to have multiple IPs on one computer but didn't state why.

Maybe you can help where that is concerned... I do have a static IP from my ISP. If I set up a DNS that will be Authoratative for my domain where do I declare this static IP in my zone files? I have not found ANY reference or examples on the internet that specify their example is using a static IP. Although one site said to edit my localhost zone but that just does not sound right since I did gather from all the other examples that the is needed for network loopback.

Do you think this would work? if say my static ISP IPaddress was 74.61.x.x?
@		IN	SOA ( 
				2005073101	; serial 
				1D )
		IN	MX	10
		IN	MX	20
server1		IN	A	70.61.xx.xx
server2		IN	A
www		IN	CNAME	server1
ftp		IN	CNAME	server1
I am running my services, e.g. named, httpd, mail, and ftp on one box (server1) with the network IP of the other I listed above as server2 will be the slave DNS, and secondary mail.

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