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Default ispconfig on a system with a desktop

Can ispconfig be installed on a system with a gnome desktop, the reason i ask is after installing ispconfig and rebooting the system, my system holts at gdmgreeter and does not display the graphical loginin screen.

After searching on the net, i have found some users saying that ispconfig is for pure servers only. Is this correct, as all functions of isp config work perfectley, until you reboot the system and then you just cant login.

Just a note, i followed the How To - The perfect server Fedora 7 exactly.
ispconfig works perfectly.
Now problems with system or hardware.
Fedora 7 System
Installed with desktop and server functionality.

Can anyone help me.
If i never turn the system of i can run ispconfig and server perfectly with no problems. But as soon as i reboot i just cant log back in. (ETSA Utilities doing electrical work in the house and had to turn power of for 1 hour otherwise i would of never turmed the system of)

Please help.
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