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Default [Multiple ISPConfig servers] Howto select best server for remoting account creation?


I am running ISPConfig on one server. For scalability reason, I need to have a second server (maybe more in the future). But I found nothing about easily managing this situation.

For a single server, I have written a "register.php" page that works.
Now, I would like to automatically choose the less "already created user and quota" server. To create account on the "best" server...

I have installed the new server giving to same MySQL server, but I had to define different ISPConfig databases: "db_ispconfig" and "db_ispconfig_1".

I am thinking about making a dirty hack with sql connect to both db to make my own server select. Then redirect to the account creation page (using the selected server remoting).

I am not sure this is the best way of doing it:
- Will it be compatible with a future ISPconfig v3 update?
- Is there any body that already made a "select my remote server" function?
- Has anyone ever been in the same situation, and what solutions have you found?

Any help is welcome,

I have also read this thread : OpenSSI
Anybody tried it?
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