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Default One Domain Works Only Fedora Core 7

Hi everyone. I really like ispconfig, but I am having serious trouble. After two weeks later of trying on my own, I can not get ISPconfig to provide more than one domain name once its setup.

For example, if I add then the domain works fine, but then later I go to add and that domain does not work. I am not sure what the problem is.

Here is my setup:

I am connected to a DSL line, that is connected to a DSL box, which goes to a DLINK router... it passes from the DSL box to the rougher for control. I have two IPS and the 101 is the Fedora Core 7 OS with ispconfig. I have enabled virtual server on the router so it points to 101 when my IP is typed in a browser and passed all ports or fowarded them.

On the Fedora Core system I have it using DHCP from the router in order to obtained the IP address, its the only way I could get it to work properly. I have done all updated. The email and everything else works on but I get a page not found on

Can anyone help?
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