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Default PHP, read values from txt file, and add

It's me again, with for some people here probably an easy thing to code.

I have this txt file, with in it "tags" with a number value that I need to add up all together.

The parts in the txt file that I need look like this:
text text text
<segment bytes="100" number="1">some random text</segment>
text random text random text
some more random text
<segment bytes="3397" number="1">some random text</segment>
some other random text
<segment bytes="3521" number="1">some random text</segment>
<segment bytes="261" number="2">some random text</segment>
<segment bytes="9621" number="3">some random text</segment>
some more random text
some more random text
<segment bytes="7" number="1">some text</segment>
even more text
So. The code needs to read the value after <segment bytes=", and add it all together. (it's always on a new line)
The times that <segment bytes=" is in the file could be one time or many times!

Now. How could I do this the best way?
Any help appreciated!
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