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Well I use 2.2.14 and just got an ssl cerit.
Unfortunately i did not create the csr with ispconfig but I think that should not be a problem?
Anyway I went to the web to ssl, pastet the code of both, the csr and the cert to the page and hit save.
The ispconfig.log show no error, but also nothing about restarting any serice,
e.g. it's rehashing the postfix virtusertable but not restarting it, it's copying the apache conf but not restarting apache. or isn't this shown anymore in the logs?

besides this neither apache2 ist listenning on port 443 nor the Vhosts_ispconfig.conf contains anything about ssl.
Did I forget to enable anything else?
In the ssl folder of the web's dir, there is only the file <hostname>.crt but I guess that's fine?

Edit: After some tests I found, that there's sometime the warning of not beeing able to write the crt file, e.g. i deleted the crt, then pasted only the crt code and clicked on save cert... then the follwing warning appears:

03.07.2007 - 22:53:44 => WARN - WARNING: could not open file /home/www/web35/ssl/<domain>.crt
Even if it created the file...

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