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Default Re: Your Issues with DNS

Originally Posted by llamy
Thanks for your reply,

1) Now if i get a static IP (BTW i'm not behind a router) what should i do for webspaces and the DNS stuff ?.

because what i'm having now is this shared IP message, because of that i have deleted some websites, but still the shared IP message is there and bind is offline, i cannot get bind stop and started, about the deleted websites i did not find them in the recycle bean, but before when i go to phpmyadmin i was able to see my database (web1_db1), now i nannot see it anymore only inside the ISPConfig database, i can see that web_db1 is there inside i believe isp.ispdbsite (something like that not sure because i'm not at home now).

TT: Well unless you give each website it's own Static IP you will always see TT: that shared IP message, that's just the nature of shared hosting.

2) So the second question is : ist it possible to get bind working i'm thinking by deleting some entries in named.config, i saw aomething like that in this forum, i'm sure this is because of the deleted websites.

TT: Well I wouldn't do that unless you know what you are doing let ISPConfig TT: control it from the panel it usually works just fine in managing DNS.

3) Is there any way to get back my web1_db1 on (visible in phpmyadmin) because i cannot see the web1_db1 as before in the reseller Option, and when i try to create it, it says ISPConfig cannot create database for this website. I need it badly to work because my Joomla under web1 says this site is temporarly unaivailable. And i have a lot of stuff in web1_db1 that was use to setup Joomla, and now i believe joomla cannot connect to it.

TT: Well you can do one of two things if you look in the recycle bin in the TT: panel it should be there if it isn't you need to check the db dir and make TT: sure it's gone from there, Also use the backup utility of the panel it TT: works wonderfully I have used it several time.

4) Now If by your helps i get those stuff working will it be possible to build up the website and at the end get get a static IP that i will put under IspConfig Management -->Server settings.

TT: Yes it would be it doesn't matter if you have a shared ip or static TT: ISPConfig will let you assign whatever ip you want to what ever site. TT: However the same DNS rules will still apply when you make a change to TT: DNS it will take from 24 to 48 hours to propagate (Not always, but TT: sometimes).

Thanks very much for your reply and helps.

I hope this helps.

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