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Default Mastering ISPConfig


I'm very new to Internet and understand a little about apache. My aim is to masterize Ispconfig in order for me to setup an Isp to host multiple websites.

1) Is it possible to do this at home without any static IP, to host like 3 websites on my Dynamic Ip with Ispconfig, and when all the websites will be built up , get an Static IP for them. for example :

website1 :
website2 :
website3 :


website1 :
website2 :
website3 :

2) I need some more Knowledge about configuring a DNS Server with ISPConfig and Virtual hosting as well, i do not understand very well how ISPConfig deals with those features. Is there any documentation to manage with a clear understanding all those features of ISPConfig, so that i can mistarize this ISPConfig to setup my ISP ? because the manual is just a user guide to create reseller and customer stuff but does not give you a real understanding of ISPConfig.

Please help. Thanks.
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